Difficulties in Studying Geogeaphy

The need to study Geography is important because the geography of the planet at virtually any location and district tremendously impacts and shapes the life-style of the residents there. Including the social, tradition, cultures, and exactly how individuals live. Geography also offers the knowledge of the Earth’s natural sources including energy sources such as fossil fuel and petrol, gold and silver, and even water and trees.

Geography is a crucial part of Humanities subject matter provided to Secondary and Junior College pupils in Singapore. Geography encourages pupils to think critically, to develop research capabilities, and to improve communication of their thought processes thru writing along with other way of communication separately.

Since Geography is a topic that needs lots of field knowledge as well as real-world experience, it’s not a topic in which pupils can easily comprehend and grasp the fundamental principles. For pupils in Singapore, most of which who may not have experienced natural structures like deep valleys, volcanoes or high mountain peaks, merely studying things like this in a textbook might appear distant, imprecise, or unrelated. Additionally, they’re meant to comprehend, remember, and explain in their own personal words and phrases the things they understand in the course of exams to get desirable marks. All of these different elements culminate to make Geography a difficult subject matter for pupils to score well in. So, find a good geography tutor to help your child.